Our Guarantee

We wont be beaten on price or service! 

We pride ourselves on offering the best service at affordable prices. We guarantee to be the best priced company, and offer a price match guarantee – simply provide us with the quote and we will match it and make you an improved quote! Are you working on a strict budget? Let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

You wont be disappointed booking Snappy Shot Events!

Booking a photo booth can be a difficult decision, especially for the first time. We will put your mind at ease, take a look at our excellent & brilliant levels of customer service that have got us excellent customer reviews. 

When choosing who to book with, we suggest you ask the following questions; 

Is it actually a photo booth, or is it a photographer with a screen and props? 

We actually have a photo booth!

Are the photo’s printed instantly, and how many copies are printed? 

All our photo’s are printed instantly!

Is there a guest book, or is this an extra charge?

We include a guest book in our Gold & Silver packages, there is a £25 charge for this on our Bronze package

Do they provide props? If so, what sort of things? Are they cards on a stick, or are they actually wigs and fun things?

We provide all the props, from hats, wigs, glasses etc (any requests/theme’s just ask and we’ll make sure we’ve got them!)

Do I get a digital copy of the photos’ or is this an extra fee?

We include a USB stick with all photo’s taken at the event. We also have a merchandise shop for you to get some personalised souvenirs from your event!

Do I get personalised artwork, such as colour, text, font etc when the photos print out?

Yes, we will personalise all your artwork specifically for your event, on our booking for you can tell us all this info!

What am I getting for my money? (probably the most important one!!)

You will be getting an extremely professional service which is fun and will create memories which will last a life time!! You and all of your guests will love this unique form of entertainment!